Towards a Connected Industry 4.0

Effortless Industry 4.0 Integration

Tens of millions of machines are still without an Industry 4.0 connection. A market with enormous possibilities for retrofit solutions. With an effortless Industry 4.0 integration, we enable companies with an older machine park to be part of the era of connection.

Our Industrial Fieldgateway prepares older machines for Industry 4.0, and this by simply combining sensors, software and algorithms. Devices are connected, the gateway only has to be configured and the software monitors data for further processing. The data is accessible in a format that can be incorporated within the manufacturing environment. Connecting unconnected machines enables pro-active maintenance, reduces downtime, increases energy efficiency and machine productivity.

Yet, these days Industry 4.0 is too abstract and too futuristic, not concrete.
We want to change that with tangible applications.

Finally, one application that interfaces HART to LoRa

The industrial HART protocol is a widespread protocol mainly used for process control in the ‘high-risk’ industry and connected to so called DCS Systems. To stay out of this ‘DCS System environment’, we started the development of a HART-to-LoRa module which allows us to query the status of a HART-protocol asset based on ‘commands’.

There is a great market demand for retrofitting existing assets in an affordable way to unlock the hidden potential of data insights. The development of this Plug & Play HART-to-LoRa (Patent P. 2017/5218) device has been set up to easily integrate sensor data in the AKURU data platform using LoRaWAN technology.

Web-based services like the AKURU cloudplatform increase customer value since they allow customers to gain data insights in industrial equipment in an affordable way: the health status of a valve, positioners, temperature measurements, pressure measurements etc. Connected plants can detect early signs of problems and maximize machinery availability. Read more


AKURU: open cloud platform for existing industrial assets combined with hardware connections

Optimization of plants and machines as well as energy and resources:

  • Open standard (OPC) for connectivity of your assets and sensors
  • Field bus connection (HART, Profibus, Modbus, BACNET)
  • Plug & play connection
  • Cloud for industry with open application interface for individual industrial applications
  • Transparent pay per ‘data’ pricing model
  • Opportunity for completely new business models

Industry 4.0 delivers huge potential for industrial companies.

Communication with management-level systems

MES interface

Via OPC UA, the process automation of the production systems is linked directly to higher-level management systems like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP). The timing requirements are much less strict on this level, usually ranging from seconds to a few milliseconds. On the other hand, this kind of communication may have to comply with other requirements that arise from the complexity of the production environment, such as security, alarms, trends, historical data, and more.

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