System integrators

What is in it for you?

Implement Smartlog to achieve your goals. Together, we make it possible.

ABN claims to be the fastest partner for cooling and heating solutions. Thanks to connected climate control, ABN is able to deliver their customers SPEED and to optimize asset performance. Therefore, they strongly reduce their customer's maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their assets.

InsightAir brings air sensors and air solutions to the world to analyse and to increase air quality on a permanent basis. This will be done in a connected way as connected air sensors allow you to gain immediate insight in the health of the environment, ranging from medical to industrial environments.

DoSafe is a company, specialized in Safety, Health & Environment in the heavy industry. DoSafe offers a range of solutions: from safety coordination/supervision and Indoor Air Quality sensor solutions to sensor data visualisation. This way, customers meet the industrial safety standards at all times.

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