Indoor Air Quality in Health Facilities

The problem

It is necessary for surgeons to operate in sterile operating theaters. Those are theaters that do not surpass a certain level of air quality to prevent the patient from infections. The head surgeon of a Belgian health centre came to us with the question to develop a solution for measuring the air quality in operation quarters. This head surgeon has four operation quarters of which he wants to measure the air quality, and of which he wants to have the data visualized. Moreover, he wants to receive an alert when the air quality does not meet the requirements for operations to take place.

The solution

Together with the surgeon, Smartlog selected a sensor that measures particles in the different operating theaters. The surgeon can easily and quickly set up a wireless sensor network in his operation quarters, connect this sensor network to the internet and have an overview of the air quality at his own Smartlog dashboard. To make sure no operations take place when the amount of particles in the air is too high, a limit value is set. In case of exceeding air quality values, an alert will be sent to show that no operations can take place.

The result

The head surgeon placed the sensors easily at the locations he preferred. In less than 10 minutes, they were connected to the internet and to the Smartlog platform. A personal dashboard allows him to have a simple and fast overview of the amount of particles in all the operation quarters. An alert keeps surgeons from operating when the air quality does not meet the needed standards. Monitoring and controlling the air quality enormously reduces the possibility of infections during an operation.

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