Indoor Air Quality for Poultry Farming

The problem

A farmer approached us with an issue that he came across in his hen houses. At times, the amount of NH3 (ammonia) was too high. He asked for an easy solution for measuring and automatically regulating the amount of NH3 in all his hen houses. Farmers have restricted norms when it comes to producing ammonia: the production of ammonia has to stay below a certain level. The farmer also suggested to receive some kind of alert when the amount of NH3 in the hen house exceeds limit values.

The solution

To meet this farmer’s needs, Smartlog selected an NH3 sensor, which makes it easy to measure the amount of gas in hen houses. With this sensor it is possible to control a connected ventilation system that regulates fresh air and therefore reduces the amount of NH3 gas. Connecting the sensor and the ventilation system to the internet and the Smartlog platform gives immediate insight in the air quality and the health of hen houses.

To make sure the air quality in the farmer’s hen houses remains stable, we developed the opportunity to set a limit value. Does the amount of NH3 in the hen house surpasses this limit? Then the farmer receives an alert and the sensor controls the ventilation system to reduce the amount of ammonia.

The result

The farmer can now monitor the amount of NH3 in his hen houses remotely. In case there are problems with the amount of ammonia, the farmer receives an alert via text or mail and the sensor steers the ventilation system. With this solution, monitoring the ventilation system and consequently the amount of NH3 in hen houses wasn’t an issue at all, but simple to arrange since the farmer could easily connect the sensors by himself.

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