Beyond Temperature Monitoring

The problem

Current temperature monitoring systems can be used perfectly for temperature logging. However, those systems are mostly offered without analytics and without any kind of trending, meaning that just a simple alarm notification will be generated from the moment that defined limit values are exceeded.

The solution

With Smartlog, we maintain an exclusive approach. We go BEYOND MONITORING. The fact is that temperature alerts in cold chain may have several causes: doors that aren’t closed, frequent door openings in rooms with no cooled air or technical issues (refrigerant leakage, contaminated air condenser and so on).

The result

TRENDING: in most cases, temperature notifications come with ‘trending’. The defect or the issue may have started weeks in advance before alerts are generated. Smart ‘trending’ offers enormous value as it enables early insights in temperature progression. On the one hand, it prevents damage to refrigerating equipment. On the other hand, fast and early actions prevent you from (false) alarms.

By analyzing several technical and non-technical parameters with a smart algorithm (turning data into information on the AKURU cloud platform), Smartlog creates enormous customer value.

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