Applications by industry


Smart Stores & Offices

Connect HVAC systems in your store or office building to the internet and prevent shutdowns thanks to predictive maintenance and error analysis. Monitor heating & air conditioning and have an alert let you know if something is wrong.

Smart Healthcare

Monitor temperature critical applications in laboratories or measure the air quality in critical areas, such as operation quarters, at a distance and wireless. Have a simple and clear overview of the air quality in all your operation quarters as well as an overview of the temperature of critical applications.

Smart Agriculture

Keep your environmental conditions under control by monitoring and logging different kind of gasses, such as ammonia (NH3) in hen houses. Have notifications let you know if the gasses exceed normal amounts.

Smart Industrial Environment

Measure the air quality of your plant remotely and wireless. Track temperature fluctuations and prevent boilers and chillers from overheating or dropping temperatures extremely. Set up a limit value, so you receive an alert if there is a temperature or air quality issue.

Smart M2M Solutions

Make it easier for M2M communication to take place with smart M2M solutions. Improve the efficiency of your machines by connecting them and prevent your machines from expensive repairs or replacements.

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